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hi! i'm cameron

things i am

  • a recent graduate from SCAD Savannah with a B.F.A. in motion media design

  • in love with the color yellow, smiley faces, and sushi with extra eel sauce and crunchies on top

  • a type 2 wing 3 enneagram, an ENFP, and​ an aries (and apparently that is extremely fitting)

things i have that are worth sharing​

  • a crippling obsession with antiquing and Coke Zero® (and yes, it does taste different than Diet Coke®)

  • never been able to whistle, but can make up for it with my humor (i swear)

things i have on my bucketlist

  • swimming with dolphins

  • visit greece (or honestly anything across the pond)

  • working with YOU!

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Vimeo
  • Spotify
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