my full name is cameron killian o'keefe, but you can just call me cameron

i am...

  • a 22-year old motion designer passionate about advertising and branding from st. louis, missouri

  • obsessed with Coke Zero®, smiley faces, and sushi with extra eel sauce and crunchies on top

  • a type 2 wing 3 ennegram, an ENFP, and​ an aries (and apparently that's very fitting)

  • graduating with a B.F.A. in motion media design from SCAD Savannah in June of 2022


i have...

  • a 10 year-old newfoundland named murphy and i am obsessed with her (click here!)

  • an older brother named michael who is also my best friend

  • never been able to whistle, but can make up for it with my humor i swear

i would...

  • love to work with you!